Spring Is the Right Time for Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps, like other HVAC system components, require periodic maintenance to continue operating at peak efficiency. Consider these reasons spring is the right time to schedule heat pump maintenance in Ponchatoula, LA:

Improve Cooling Efficiency

Heat pumps naturally lose some of their efficiency as the system runs and ages. One of the primary goals of routine maintenance is to keep your HVAC system running efficiently no matter its age. Higher efficiency reduces the cost of running your system, especially in the summer heat.

Boost the System’s Performance

Beyond protecting your system’s efficiency, heat pump maintenance can catch and fix small problems early. If your system chronically runs with reduced efficiency, it’ll strain your system’s components.

When the summer heat and humidity reach their height, the total overall strain may overwhelm your heat pump. Having a service technician perform maintenance every spring helps reduce that strain and prevent some heat pump repairs.

Extend the Heat Pump’s Service Life

Letting your system operate with faulty components or reduced efficiency eventually erodes its service life. Getting routine maintenance every year will help your system last the expected 10 to 15 years. Skip your maintenance, and you may drive up your annual cost.

Protect the Factory Warranty

If something goes wrong with your heat pump during its warranty period, you want to know that the manufacturer will cover it. However, many manufacturers stipulate that you must have annual maintenance to keep the warranty in force.

Manufacturers include these terms because they know the impact that reduced efficiency may have on the system. Simply schedule your spring heat pump maintenance to know that the warranty will remain valid should a problem develop.

Prepare your HVAC system to give you the best performance throughout the summer. Call to schedule your spring heat pump maintenance with the award-winning service technicians at Better Best A/C & Heating.

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