5 Signs of a Faulty Heat Pump Compressor in Madisonville, LA

The heat pump compressor plays a significant role in cooling and heating your Madisonville, LA, home. If it has a problem, the heat pump may operate inefficiently or fail to run completely. Here are five warning signs that you have a faulty or failing heat pump compressor:

Reduced Airflow

Restricted airflow is one of the first signs of compressor-related problems. If your heat pump is turning on, but less or no air is coming out, a failing compressor might be the culprit.

Strange Noises

It’s normal for the fan and compressor to make low-level noise during operation. If the compressor starts vibrating, banging, rumbling or making popping sounds, it indicates a loose or broken component or an electrical problem. Turn off the system once you notice these unusual sounds because you might cause further damage if you keep it running.

Tripping Breaker

A malfunctioning compressor can frequently trip your circuit breaker. A compressor that keeps tripping your breaker switches means it’s overheating, which can eventually damage the compressor and other parts of your HVAC equipment. If you cannot pinpoint another reason for the tripping circuit breaker, you need to schedule an HVAC inspection and maintenance.

System Fails to Start

Your heat pump can fail to start if you have burnt-out breakers or compressor problems. However, there might be other reasons behind your unit not turning on. Contact your HVAC service technician to inspect your system and get to the root of the problem.

Blows Warm Air

If your condensate line and filters are clean and you don’t have a refrigerant leak, a faulty heat pump compressor might be the reason for the lack of conditioned air. A malfunctioning compressor might be unable to distribute refrigerant properly in the system. As a result, the system cannot maintain the right pressure levels, which means it can’t transfer heat from your indoor environment to the outside.

A malfunctioning compressor normally shows warning signs before your heat pump fails. If you notice any of the above warning signs, allow an experienced professional to help you. Call to schedule heat pump repairs with our HVAC experts at Better Best A/C & Heating today in Madisonville, LA.

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